Privacy Statement & Security Policy

Uno Alla Volta Privacy Statement & Security Policy

At Uno Alla Volta, we have the utmost respect for your privacy. We recognize that many of the people who come to our website are customers of our catalog. We respect each of our customer's privacy no matter which way you choose to purchase from us.

Currently, we do not share email addresses of our customers for marketing or promotional purposes. If, in the future, we find opportunities we think may be of interest to you, we will ask your permission (allowing you to "opt-in") before we will share your email address.

Like most catalog companies, we do share the names and street addresses of our customers with other companies with offers likely to be of interest to you. We have found that most of you enjoy this service. For those of you who do not wish us to share your name and address, please either send an email to or call us at 1-800-625-1866. Please be sure to give us your name, address and customer number (if you have one). Your postal address and transactions are used in combination with the addresses and transactions of other people for marketing analysis purposes.

By visiting, you are accepting the terms and practices described in this privacy policy. In the future, we may need to update this privacy statement, so please review it as often as you visit our site.

Business Reorganizations and Transfers

As is generally the case with direct marketers, Uno Alla Volta LLC's most important asset is our customer list and information about our customers' purchases from us. Should the company be reorganized, sold, or merged with another company, information about our customers would most likely be transferred to the new entity.

Our Use of Cookies

Like other e-commerce sites, we use cookies to enable our shopping basket and checkout technology to work for you. Our cookie is an exceptionally small file on your hard drive that contains a date and time stamp as well as an identifier for us to know that it is our cookie (and not that of another site). No personal information about you is stored in your cookie. Each time you add something to your shopping basket, the cookie tells us that the item goes to your shopping basket and not to the basket of someone else who may be shopping at our site at the same time you are.

We also use the cookie to help support you and troubleshoot any problem areas of our site.

If you choose to turn cookies off, we cannot guarantee that your shopping experience will function as intended. Some of you may have cookies turned off and may be unaware of this. If you are having problems with cookies or any other functionality on our site, please feel free to send an email to

Security Statement

We use the highest level of encryption technology available in the US domestic market today (128 bit). We are "authenticated" by VeriSign. We distribute our site across multiple servers for purposes of speed and performance. You may notice that the URL (website address) changes from to as you move to the checkout process. These are our two servers. Both servers are part of Uno Alla Volta's website, as verified by VeriSign.

The entire ordering process is highly secure and encrypted as denoted by the padlock on various browsers and/or the https:// at the start of the URL (website address). This prevents your information from being intercepted by anyone but us.

On the final confirmation screen of your order, you will notice that we've masked all but the last 4 digits of your credit card number, for your additional protection.

We hope you will enjoy your experience at our website,

- Uno Alla Volta Management and the Uno Alla Volta Web Team.