Join Our Artisan Family

Are you a creator of beautiful treasures that you dream up in your mind, craft with your hands and infuse with your heart and soul? Are you also business minded able to be consistent with your quality, keep to a schedule, and deliver upon your promises?

UNO ALLA VOLTA customers may be interested in your work.

We are very loyal to our artisans, as they are to us. To make the economics work for all involved, we cannot spread ourselves too thin or spread the work out amongst too large an artisan network. This means we only occasionally bring new artisans into the family. When we do the match has to be just right. Generally this means that you can bring us a look we do not already have yet one that our customers may well like, and in a category of products for which we have a clear need for more.

If you would like us to know about you and your desire to work with us, please send some photos of your work, a brief biography, and information on pricing, location and turnaround times to Don’t forget to tell us if you are willing to produce designs exclusively for our customers. That’s very important to us. 

While we cannot respond to every submission, a great many of our fabulous partners found us in just this way. Our team cannot tell you how many times that just when we have a particular need for a type of product in a type of style, we will have a conversation out loud one day and within a week, there it is! The magic of the universe delivers and a new door opens for Uno Alla Volta and for you.

To all those who know the joy of creating, we salute you!