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Uno Alla Volta is definitely a different kind of workplace

Our vision of bringing the human connection to all that we do shapes each and every day.

Our values determine who we hire, how we operate. It all starts with integrity. That’s our foundation at our very core. On that base we layer our standards of excellence, along creative out of the box thinking. With those firmly in place, we work toward our common goals and deliver accomplishment. All of this, we hope leads to one thing – creating a lasting company that makes a long-term impact on the world.

Our environment is one where everyone is expected to be a teacher and everyone a learner. Every new member of our team has something to teach each of us, from the colleague in the next desk all the way up to the President. 

We have all our functions under one roof on the Connecticut shoreline so it is easy to get a big picture view. This is definitely a business where someone can learn how all the parts fit together. As we are ever evolving, our open positions are also ever changing. Most often we are hiring entry-level positions in marketing and merchandising, customer care, and distribution. But from time to time, we have positions in IT, accounting, photography, design and others. And, yes we do offer college internships (with pay!). Whenever possible we promote from within. It is not unusual to find someone who began as an intern now managing a significant segment of our business, and often in an entirely different field. 

To express your interest, please email your cover letter and resume to