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Hand-Blown Glass Pixy Pumpkin
Hand-Blown Glass Pixy Pumpkin

Hand-Blown Glass Pixy Pumpkin

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Created by Mark
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This hand-blown pumpkin, with signature curly-q stems, is crafted by our New Orleans artisan, Mark, who uses a combination of traditional glass-making techniques and his own signature details. Skillfully designing each, one at a time, he meticulously shapes colorful opaque and translucent molten glass. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of artisans. The glassblowing technique and coloring processes ensure no two will ever be exactly alike. Start your own patch. Each approx. 4'' x 5''.

Our products are made, uno alla volta, or one at a time. Created by hand, from the hearts of skilled artisans from around the world.

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Meet The Artisan - Mark

Mark, our New Orleans glassblower, likens his craft to a dance. Forty years’ experience has taught him to anticipate the glass’ response to slight changes of movement or additions of color, creating beautifully swirled, brilliant glassware.

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