Hand-Painted Tropical Fish Candle

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In a second-generation workshop in Lithuania, Kristina and Daiva individually handcraft each paraffin candle. After the candles are molded with a cotton wick, they're hand-painted with impeccable detail and feature a motif of a yellow and black tropical fish swimming with sealife. Approx. 5'' x 3.25''. Sold exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.
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Kristina & Daiva

Since 1994, a second-generation workshop in Lithuania has been handcrafting whimsical, decorative candles. After pouring paraffin wax into an original mold and adding cotton wick, each candle is set aside to cool before being hand-painted in impeccable detail. From traditional landscapes to symbols of the season, the original works of art they adorn their candles with ignite a sense of wonder in whatever space they're placed.

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