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Partners in Creation

We are so proud to bring you this issue - our strongest autumnal offering since our very beginning back in 2002.

And what a labor of love this has been for everyone involved. For our artisans who bring each individual work to life with their hearts as well as their hands. For our merchants who collaborate with our artisans to create products just for you. (The vast majority of the treasures you will see here are available nowhere else in the world!) For our creative team who bring our handcrafted treasures to life in the two dimensions of ink on paper (or pixels on a computer screen).

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Julie's dichroic glass jewelry 2015 edition halloween Polish pottery pumpkin Watch our artisans bring our 2015 edition Polish pottery Jack-o-Lantern to life Dichroic glass treasures Samantha the halloween angel About Us Alessandra's Florentine Leather handbags
Julie's Dichroic glass jewelry Our 2015 edition collectible halloween Polish pottery pumpkin Samantha the halloween angel Samantha the halloween angel Dichroic Glass Treasures Shop Halloween Treasures About Us Alessandra's Florentine Leather Handbags

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Handcrafted - One At A Time
Our products are handcrafted, uno alla volta, by skilled artisans who infuse each work of their hands with a bit of their spirit. No two items will ever be exactly alike.
Limited Edition
No more than a certain number of these unique and collectable items will ever be made.
Gift Packaging
All jewelry items will be presented in our signature gift packaging, free of charge.
Certificate of Authenticity
Each artisan-crafted treasure is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that may be personalized for the recipient.
Uno Alla Volta Exclusive
These items are lovingly handcrafted by our artisans exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.
Our Guarantee
"Your complete satisfaction is my number one priority."

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Terri S. Alpert, Founder and CEO



Uno Alla Volta means "One At A Time" in Italian. Uno Alla Volta, One At A Time, The Artisan Table, and From the Hearts and Hands of Artisans are all registered service marks of Uno Alla Volta, LLC.

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