White Murano-Style Glass Table Lamp

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This uniquely-shaped white lamp is handcrafted with the masterful techniques, materials, and style of Murano glassmaking. The distinct pattern is created by skillfully hand-blowing white glass until molten, then rolling it in cobalt glass chips before stretching the soft glass into its final shape. 60 watt bulb not included. Approx. 6.25'' tall, 4'' dia.
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Vittorio, our Italian glass artisan, is a master of the Murano technique. Using the methods and materials of Murano glassmaking in Napoli (Naples), he is able to create brilliant glassware at a fraction of the production costs. Observe his skilled artisans hand-blowing molten glass into exquisite designs. No one will ever guess these pieces were handcrafted on Italy’s mainland, almost eight hours from Murano!

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