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Watermelon Fused Glass Nightlight

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Handcrafted by Kristi of Washington State, this art glass is hand-cut and hand-painted with a slice of watermelon before it is decorated with a colorful collection of glass pieces. It is then kiln-fired to leave texture, which adds to the sparkle and shine. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of artisans. No two are exactly alike. Dimensions - Approx. 3'' x 4''.
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Kristie T

Kristi began working with glass in 2006. Each of her bright and colorful designs begins as a sketch on paper before glass pieces are cut and assembled to bring the idea to life, sometimes even with hand-painted details. Each piece is then high-fired in her kiln to fuse the glass together for everlasting beauty and durability. When she is not working with glass, Kristi says she enjoys hiking in the woods.

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