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CEO Terri Alpert And Nora Murphy On Better Connecticut

Our very own CEO Terri Alpert teamed up with Nora Murphy of Nora Murphy’s Country House to create the perfect Fourth of July tablescape featuring our handcrafted ceramics and glassware. By pairing patriotic Polish pottery with our summery, hand-painted wine glasses, Nora created a breathtaking tablescape that will give you even more ideas on how to style your home with Uno Alla Volta’s artisan-made treasures.

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Sea-Themed Treasures Were Featured On Western Mass News

We hope you tuned in to see out CEO Terri Alpert showcase the handmade treasures from our coastal collection on Better Western Mass! Our leather handbags, pewter figurines, silver-leafed wine glasses, and handmade jewelry are perfect gifts for anyone who loves the sand and sea.

Uno Alla Volta As Seen On Megyn Kelly Today

We are excited to announce that Uno Alla Volta was featured live on The Today Show with Megyn Kelly! Our gorgeous Florentine suede bucket bags and bold drusy cuffs were showcased for viewers nationwide. These items are perfect for anyone who loves handmade jewelry or fashionable Italian handbags. If you missed the segment, you can experience our exciting TV appearance here!

Valentine's Day Feature On Western Mass News

Terri was featured on Western Mass News to share Uno Alla Volta’s Valentine’s Day collection, which features sweet, heart-shaped handmade treasures from around the world. From lampworked Venetian glass heart pendants, to sparkling sterling silver pendants from Israel, to ceramic mugs handmade right here in the USA, you’re sure to find something special for your sweetheart in our Valentine’s Day shop.


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Mystery Of The Blue Rose On Western Mass News Better Home

Terri was featured on Western Mass News to share the mystery of the blue rose with viewers. As a rose that does not exist in nature, the blue rose represents infinite possibility and the vast creativity of Uno Alla Volta’s talented team of artisans.

In Naples, Italy, our artisans Ciro and Aniello continue the traditions of their ancestors when creating these “forever flowers.” As each petal, leaf, stamen, and stem is painstakingly handcrafted, our artisans ensure that this old-world artistic process lives on. After the flowers are created, the colors are applied in layers to create realistic depth and shading. If you look closely enough, you may even be able to find one of the artist’s fingerprints hidden amongst the petals: a true testament to the handcrafted nature of these items!

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Terri Brings "Better Style" Back From Venice

Watch as Terri introduces our artisans of Venice's shimmering isles to our friends at "Better Style." She shares an array of shimmering glass treasures, from our "forever flowers" to hand-blown millefiori Easter eggs, and lots in between.

Watch Lorraine Shine On "Connecticut Spotlight"

NBC Connecticut

Lorraine, our Digital Marketing Manager, presents our Valentine's Day treasures on "Connecticut Spotlight." We celebrate love across the globe with this selection of designs, including your favorite Florentine bucket bags.

Peek Inside Vittorio's Workshop

Vittorio, our Italian glass artisan, is a master of the Murano technique. Using the methods and materials of Murano glassmaking in Napoli (Naples), he is able to create brilliant glassware at a fraction of the production costs. Observe his skilled artisans hand-blowing molten glass into exquisite designs. No one will ever guess these pieces were handcrafted on Italy's mainland, almost 8 hours from Murano!

Polish Pottery Jack-O'-Lantern, Boleslawiec, Poland

Watch our Polish Pottery Halloween collectible come to life as our artisans in Boleslawiec, Poland, use hand-carved sponges and fine brushwork to paint witches, pumpkins, spiderwebs, and black cats onto a smiling jack-o'-lantern.

First our artisans pour slip (watered-down clay) into the pumpkin mold. After the clay dries inside the mold, it is opened up and the jack-o'-lantern is removed and fired. Next the pumpkin is painted by hand using hand-carved sponges. Once the paint dries, it is dipped in glaze, so that when it comes out of the kiln the second time, the clay is as smooth and shiny as glass.

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Alchemy: Turning Scientific Glass Into Precious Christmas Trees In Maristoca, Italy

Giovani's Legacy:

His children, Luigi, Roberto and Monica

In the Veneto, just outside of Venice, one family brings to life the most glorious Christmas trees. In the 1960s, Giovanni Battista was fascinated by the nature of scientific glass. The crystal-clear, lightweight, and incredibly durable material called borosilicate used to create test tubes, pipettes and all kinds of laboratory instruments. He went to Switzerland to learn this trade, and then returned home to create artistic glass treasures. Giovanni's Venetian glass is very different from that found from other artisans in Murano. Though Giovanni's own time on this earth has ended, his children are devoted to keeping his legacy alive.

Today, more than fifty years after the founding of his workshop, his three children, Luigi, Roberto and Monica carry on the tradition. In the workshop in Italy's Veneto (Venice's mainland), they masterfully turn molten glass into this delicate tree. Watch our master artisans use traditional lampworking methods to bring this Venetian glass tree to life.

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Sculpting Porcelain Blue Roses In Capodimonte, Italy

Ciro and Aniello

Glorious flowers have been hand-sculpted in the small town of Capodimonte (meaning Top of the Mountain), just outside of Naples, for nearly three hundred years. Uno Alla Volta invites you to join us in watching Ciro and Aniello create one singular flower.

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Lampworking Beads On The Isle of Murano, Italy

Lorena's Mother, Nina

Watch Nina, Lorena's mother, transform ordinary glass into a stunning bead using traditional Murano lampworking techniques.

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Lampworking An Exquisite Heart In Venice, Italy

While Terri was in Venice designing with Cristina, she was able to get a firsthand look at the incredible skill it requires to create a single glass heart bead. Come watch Cristina's son make one for us!

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Embellishing Glassware With Silver Leaf In Verona, Italy

Amedeo & his sons

Watch as Amedeo and his sons, Roberto and Valentino, transform ordinary glass into works of art with beautiful hand-drawn designs, leaf of pure silver or pure gold, and dazzling colors. And, to think they do this all in the village of Verona, the famous setting of Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers.

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Giuliano's Treasures And Trinkets

Florence, Italy

Step inside Giuliano's workshop in Florence, Italy, where master artisans use the lost wax casting method to create intricate works of art in plated brass. For centuries the center of Florence was filled with small artisan workshops of all kinds. Today, only a few such places remain, as others have been converted into luxury apartments.

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Sculpting Porcelain Sunflowers In Capodimonte, Italy

Ciro & Aniello

Glorious flowers have been hand-sculpted in the small town of Capodimonte (meaning Top of the Mountain), just outside of Naples, for nearly three hundred years. Uno Alla Volta invites you to join us in watching Ciro and Aniello create one singular flower.

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Get A Closer Look At Smadar's Crochet Collection

Watch as Smadar of the Galilee crochets each masterfully crafted necklace by hand, uno alla volta. In this video, the care and precision she puts into each and every stitch is abundantly clear. Take a glimpse into her workshop and see for yourself!

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