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Murano Glass

Using the same techniques and traditions as their ancestors, our glass masters on the isle of Murano manipulate richly colored molten glass into stunning works of art.

Polish Pottery

In the Polish villages of Boleslawiec and Brzeg, artisans work with local clay to craft traditional pottery entirely by hand. Each exclusive design is then painted using intricately carved sponges and fine brushwork.

Just For You...

Our Vision

To bring the human connection into every interaction with every customer, artisan, co-worker, and supplier – thereby enriching their lives. By so doing, we enrich each of our own lives as well.

Satisfaction Guaranteed |  Uno Alla Volta

Your complete satisfaction is our number one priority.

Handcrafted One At A Time | Uno Alla Volta

Our products are handcrafted, uno alla volta, by skilled artisans who infuse each work of their hands with a bit of their spirit. No two items will ever be exactly alike.

Exclusive Treasures At Uno Alla Volta

These items are lovingly handcrafted by our artisans, exclusively for
Uno Alla Volta.

Limited Editions | Uno Alla Volta

No more than a certain number of these unique and collectible items will ever be made.

Free Signature Gift Packaging | Uno Alla Volta

All jewelry items will be presented in our signature gift packaging, free of charge.

Certificate Of Authenticity | Uno Alla Volta

Each artisan-crafted treasure is accomplanied by a certificate of authenticity that may be personalized by the recipient.