Tender Tulips Hand-Painted Vase

Christina of California hand paints each glass vase with a colorful display of tulips with a visiting butterfly in the mix. Each work of art is meticulously detailed, down to each petal and leaf. Once complete, each piece is thermo-sealed to ensure the non-toxic acrylic paint adheres to the glass, allowing for gentle washing by hand. Each is signed by the artist. 7.5'' x 10''. Handcrafted exlcusively for Uno Alla Volta.
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Inspired by the beauty surrounding her home in Northern California’s Sierra Nevada, Christina creates her exquisite hand-painted vases to bring the beauty of nature indoors. Her love of nature is a life-long passion, sparked by tending her parents’ flower and vegetable gardens. Today, she paints flowers “as if they are growing out of the ground and onto the glass,” to be enjoyed all year round.

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