Sunflower Mama & Baby Owl Wreath

Limited Edition of 288 Our artisans in Baja California, Mexico, handcraft this adorable mama and baby owl wreath entirely from homegrown materials. To give each twig base a colorful burst of natural beauty, they use maple leaves, natural salal leaves, strawflowers, flax, and a sunflower. The mama and baby owl figurines are made from natural dried botanicals, and perch wide-eyed in the center of each wreath. Each wreath comes with an orange bow for hanging. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan. Dimensions - 16 inches in diameter.
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Debbie G

Over 100 acres of lush flower fields in Baja California, Mexico, provide Debbie with the vibrantly colored and fragrant materials to bring her creative visions to life. She and her team grow, harvest, and preserve all of the natural flowers and greens used in each of the beautiful arrangements they artfully assemble, uno alla volta.

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