Sue Rioux's Aqua & Amethyst Marble Kaleidoscope

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This bold and fun glass marble kaleidoscope is lovingly designed and assembled by Sue Rioux of Kennebunk, Maine. The base of this kaleidoscope is formed from precision-cut, textured glass in stunning hues of iridescent aquamarine and amethyst, which is then encased in copper panes. A swirling rainbow marble creates a whimsical display of color and light as you peer through the lens. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan. Dimensions - Approximately 7.5 inches long.
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Sue Rioux

Sue began her art career at the age of 12, selling watercolor paintings at art shows in Maine. Today, in her home studio overlooking the scenic Kennebunk River, she designs and creates breathtaking kaleidoscopes, many of which can be found in private collections and museums worldwide.

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