Shelley's Garnet Crystal Bracelet

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In her Los Angeles studio, Shelley handcrafts our Old Hollywood- inspired garnet crystal bracelet to reflect her passion for the past. Our artisan combines sumptuous garnet cabochons, shimmering crystals and pearl accents, hand-setting each one, uno all volta, in burnished bronze with metal tracery details. Shelley considers herself to be a historian of jewelry as well as a designer which inspired the intricate details in our crystal necklace. Each crystal bracelet is masterfully crafted from the heart and hands of the artisan; no two are exactly alike. Bracelet measures approx. 7 in. diameter.
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A designer, artisan and historian of jewelry, Shelley turned a lifelong love of antique jewelry into a career. The distinctive designs that she creates in her Los Angeles studio embody the style and spirit of times gone by, creating an unmistakable sense of nostalgia as she interprets fashion trends of today.

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