Recycled Glass Blue Crab Nightlight

Our eco-conscious Florida artisans have recycled sourced discarded glass into uniquely translucent nightlights for nearly two decades. Each nightlight cover features an adorable blue crab and is fused in an energy-efficient kiln. No two are exactly alike. Includes an on/off switch and a 4 watt bulb. Approx. 3'' x 3.5''.
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Gray Family

After years of working with aerosol cans, bubble wrap, and toxic glazes, Vawn and Mike of Florida decided to take a turn in their artistic career and search for a more eco-friendly way to create art. They began focusing on the idea of “re-creating,” and working with materials which already served their purpose. It wasn’t long before they realized the possibilities of using discarded glass bottles as a medium, and their signature line of mosaic-style nightlights was born.

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