Peruvian Mate Gourd Partridges

Our Peruvian artist transforms natural mate gourds into endearing partridge bird sculptures. Once the gourds have dried, she meticulously details the eyes, wings and feathers by hand with a burin. The designs are finished using a pyrography technique that involves a special burning instrument. The unique coloration for each section depends on the strength and length of the fine flame - no dyes are used. Set of 3, 7.5 in x 13in.
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Handmade goods have cultural significance in almost every subculture and financial class. While the upper class may delight in the exclusivity of a handmade object, the working class may appreciate it for the time and effort that goes into its creation. No matter the reason, one thing is certain – Handmade goods connect us to one another. Crafting an item by hand allows an artist to put their heart and soul into their work, giving each individual piece character and making it truly one-of-a-kind. It also reminds us that our hands can do so much more than just operate machines - They can measure, sculpt, paint, and carve. Our artisans rely on their hands to not only bring their ideas to life, but to provide you with a treasure that is uniquely yours.