Opal & Sterling Silver Chain Necklace (Only 19 Available)

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London silversmith, Leon Nussbaum handcrafts this necklace, featuring inlays of white opal in sterling silver. Opal, considered the ''queen of gems,'' can flash patterns of color representing every hue of the rainbow. The rainbow is produced by the diffraction of white light through a micro-structure of silica spheres. Each size sphere reflects light of a different wavelength, and therefore a different color. Each necklace measures 28.5 inches long. Limited quantity of 19 available. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Leon Nussbaum

London silversmith Leon Nussbaum creates sterling silver pieces which evoke the themes of bygone times. Using semi-precious stones and rich enamels, Leon creates vibrant and dazzling designs that recall the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras.

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