Millefiori Mosaic Chandelier Earrings of Murano Glass

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To create each pair of chandelier earrings, our Florentine millefiori artisans piece together intricate mosaic designs made from tiny slices of the thinnest blue and white Murano glass canes, and hand-set their designs in gold plate. No two pieces will be exactly alike. Each pair of Murano millefiori chandelier earrings measures 2.25 inches long, wires. A limited edition of only 60 will ever be made. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta from the hearts and hands of artisans.
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The centuries-old mosaic technique practiced by Silvia, our fourth-generation Florentine artisan, has long been used to decorate precious collectibles. Using only tweezers, she places miniscule pieces of fine Murano glass canes into intricate patterns fitted into metal frames. Today, proving that artistry and craftsmanship never go out of style, her colorful, on-trend designs are being featured on the fashion runways in Italy!