Michal Golan's Merlot Tourmaline Charm Bracelet

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Michal Golan brings you this merlot charm bracelet, handcrafted of irregularly-shaped pink, red, purple, maroon, and burgundy tourmaline stones hanging from a brass chain. When designing this bracelet, our New York City artisan was influenced by her Middle Eastern background and inspired by the rich and velvety colors of fine red wine. Michal Golan's merlot tourmaline charm bracelet adjusts up to 8 inches long, lobster clasp. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Michal Golan

Michal Golan's jewelry designs are inspired by the elaborate designs and mosaics of the Byzantine and Victorian eras. When designing her jewelry, Michal strives for a perfect balance between classic, timeless style and a fresh, contemporary look.

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