Mariagrazia's Hand-Beaded Floral Wall Hanging Of Venice

In her Venetian workshop, our artisan Mariagrazia painstakingly hand-strings thousands of tiny seed beads onto fine copper wire, then carefully hand-shapes each delicate strand into lavishly sculpted flowers to adorn our wall hanging, made exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. The flowers bedeck hand-painted wooden strips that are bent into a sweet heart shape, one at a time. Each handcrafted wall hanging measures approx. 7 inches x 6 inches and comes with a ribbon for hanging.
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A creator of extraordinary beaded jewelry and accessories, Mariagrazia of Venice brings true artistry to her craft. Each piece is a masterpiece of composition, color, and construction – a work of art guided by the heart, and rewarded by the joy of sharing its beauty with the collector.

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