Maria Grazia's Hand-Beaded Floral Venetian Glass Ornament

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Maria Grazia of Venice's hand made mouth-blown Venetian glass floral ornaments are carefully crafted with elegance. She hand-strings thousands of tiny seed beads onto fine copper wire, then hand-shapes each delicate strand into lavishly sculpted flowers. The flowers then adorn a clear ball ornament mouth-blown from Venetian glass. Maria Grazia has painstakingly crafted each ornament with such savvy that her passion is present in each flower's aesthetic. Our Venetian glass floral ornament is the perfect touch of elegance to add to any home, crafted from the finest materials and by an artisan with passion making it unique and special. Each Venetian glass floral ornament measures 6 inches in diameter. Handcrafted from the heart and hands of the artisan exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.
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A creator of extraordinary beaded jewelry and accessories, Mariagrazia of Venice brings true artistry to her craft. Each piece is a masterpiece of composition, color, and construction – a work of art guided by the heart, and rewarded by the joy of sharing its beauty with the collector.

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