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Margaret's Patriotic Watering Can

In a celebration of liberty, Margaret of Virginia meticulously hand-paints each patriotic watering can. Once the design is complete, she bakes and lacquers each one to ensure the decoration can withstand the elements. This beautiful piece can be utilized indoors or out, and is as fun and festive as it is functional. Handcrafted in her Virginia Beach studio, no two will ever be exactly alike. Each watering can is 9.5 inches tall and 18 inches wide from handle to spout. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Inspired by the natural beauty of her Virginia Beach home, Margaret creates functional glassware pieces that celebrate the beauty of the natural world. Each glassware piece is meticulously hand-painted in a seven hour process, then baked to ensure the durability of the design. Her glassware and hand-painted household pieces range from fun, seasonal holiday themes to elegant floral motifs. Each of Margaret’s pieces has its own personality, so we’re sure you’ll find one that speaks to you!

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