Majestic Highland Cow Hand-Painted Wall Art

In 1954, Queen Elizabeth was so taken by Scotland's Highland Cows that she ordered them to be kept at Balmoral Castle. Due to its royal heritage, the cow in the painting is named Lilibet, Queen Elizabeth's childhood nickname. In her Georgia studio, Nilha creates each art piece exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. She starts with pencil sketch on canvas before using acrylic paint to hand-paint the elegant cow wearing a gorgeous flower crown and a large blue bow. When complete, the painting is coated with a non-yellowing acrylic polyurethane to provide extra strength and protection. Approx. 12'' sq. Limited edition of 20.
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Nilha of Georgia has been painting professionally for the past 21 years. She originally began her career as a mural artist, but now enjoys working on smaller canvases for all to enjoy. Most of her artwork is inspired by animals and the natural world.