Letizia's Burgundy Hanging Cat Hand-Stitched in Florence

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After scouring local Italian markets for just the right fabric, Letizia of Florence handcrafts each hanging cat accent exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. To create each collectible folk-art decoration, she hand-stitches burgundy fabric with hints of red, brown, and purple within the floral pattern and then fills each cat with stuffing. Each whimsical cat, a limited edition of only 86, is complete with a silky bow, a golden bell and string for hanging. Approximately 12 inches tall. Handcrafted from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Letizia of Florence handcrafts our folk-art collectibles, uno alla volta, of hand-stitched fabrics, which she collects from local Italian markets. Her longstanding relationship with textile vendors gives her "VIP" access to some spectacular weaves.

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