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Letizia's 2017 Edition Florentine Kitchen Witch

Limited EditionThis 2017 edition Florentine kitchen witch was hand-stitched by Letizia in the heart of Florence to celebrate the legend of La Befana. According to Italian legend, La Befana was an elderly woman who was busy sweeping her front stoop when three wise men passed by on their way to visit the Christ child. Because of her chore, she could not go with them, and later realized what an opportunity she had missed. Now, to make up for her mistake, ''The Witch of Christmas'' flies on her broom to visit all the children of the world every January, leaving gifts for the well-behaved and coal for the naughty. Keep her in your kitchen all year round to remind you of the richness of folklore. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.Dimensions- approximately 13 inches long.
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Letizia of Florence handcrafts our folk-art collectibles, uno alla volta, of hand-stitched fabrics, which she collects from local Italian markets. Her longstanding relationship with textile vendors gives her "VIP" access to some spectacular weaves.

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