Lago di Como Blown Glass Peacock Ornament

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Ermengildo and his wife Renata work alongside their daughter in their Lake Como, Italy, workshop handcrafting highly collectible glass ornaments. With masterful craftsmanship, each ornament is hand blown using traditional techniques, then hand painted with lavish feathers, and accented with glitter. No two exactly alike. 4 in. dia.
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Ermengildo & Renata

Since 1966, Ermengildo and his wife Renata have been crafting and decorating blown-glass ornaments in the picturesque village of Bellagio, near Italy’s Lake Como. Together with their daughter Annalisa, they create each delicate ornament, gathering a dab of molten glass at the end of a tube, then heating it over a flame as they gently blow to inflate the shape. Each is then masterfully hand painted, with no two ever exactly alike.