Julia Baker Ornament

Our Pennsylvania artisan starts with a satin-finish blown-glass ball upon which she bestows our baker's unique personality, with checked kerchief and bow, sassy red lipstick, a baker's hat with a tiny rose bedecked cake. Approx. 5 in. diameter. An Uno Alla Volta exclusive.
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Judy & Lynn

Judy and Lynn, our Pennsylvania artisans, are sisters whose talent appears to be genetic. "Our childhood was steeped in a very creative home environment, with two artistic and gifted parents, and very talented siblings. We would now be considered a very "green" household; most often our "fun" was utilizing found objects in arts and crafts projects, in seeing beauty and potential in everyday objects." The products Judy and Lynn design are handmade in the USA. Their wide variety of "everyday" ornaments celebrate holidays, seasons, and special occasions. Judy and Lynn have also perfected their 26-step process to create reverse decoupage gold leafed glass paperweights.

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