Joyita's Black and Pink Lily Poncho

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To create each black and pink lily poncho, our self-taught artisan Joyita uses a canvas of patterned silk and rayon and takes inspiration from nature to create her wearable works of art. After first dyeing the fabric black to create a dramatic background, she awakens the vivid floral pattern, drying and steam setting each glorious color before adding the next. Each black and pink lily poncho is signed by the artist. No two will be exactly alike. One size comfortably fits most women who wear sizes S to XL; approximately 45 inches square. Hand wash.
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Joyita recalls the childhood joy of painting designs with rice flour and water on the floor of her home, guided by a grandmother who taught her to take notice of everything she saw. Today she takes additional inspiration from nature to create wearable works of art on 100 percent silk in her California studio.

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