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Joli's Gemstone Swirling Hoop Earrings

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To create these unique and colorful swirling hoop earrings, our Philadelphia artisan, Joli, shapes hand-hammered gold-filled wire into unique spiral shapes. She then embellishes each one with an assortment of natural gemstones including amethyst, tourmaline, rose quartz, moonstone, apatite, citrine, peridot and lapis. These swirling hoop gemstone earrings measure approximately 1.75 inches long, wires. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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While a pre-law student at UPenn, Joli of Philadelphia felt a primal pull. This path of inquisitiveness and discovery to work with her hands as well as her mind lead to a career in textile design, and ultimately, to jewelry design. The union of textile and jewelry can be seen in her use of color and texture. She says: "There is something very ancient and powerful about working with precious metals and gemstones. I feel like I am tapping into a tradition of self-expression that is thousands of years old."

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