Iridescent Gold Textured Glass Ornament

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Using only a blowpipe and hand tools, our Gulf Coast glass artisan masterfully handcrafts this textured glass ornament by shaping layers of richly-colored golden glass. To create the unique texture of the ornament's surface, he starts with molten glass that is rolled in small purple glass chips, flash-heated, then carefully blown into shape, all with delicate timing. This ornament is handcrafted, one at a time, from the heart and hands of the artisan; exclusively for Uno Alla Volta. Each ornament measures approx. 2.75in. diameter.
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Mark, our New Orleans glassblower, likens his craft to a dance. Forty years’ experience has taught him to anticipate the glass’ response to slight changes of movement or additions of color, creating beautifully swirled, brilliant glassware.

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