If You Weren't My Mom Inspirational Plaque

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In his Wisconsin studio, Michael creates each if you weren't my mom inspirational wall plaque by using a technique of his own devising to etch his design for this inspirational message into clay. He then glazes each piece, uno alla volta, and fires twice to nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Each inspirational wall plaque is made from the heart and hands of the artisan and no two will be exactly alike. Each wall plaque measures 2.25 inches x 4 inches and comes with a cord for hanging.
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Michael & Sons

Michael began his artistic career as a painter before he discovered his true passion for pottery. After touring the country selling his work at art shows he developed his signature style: an innovative engraving technique that etches his decorative designs into the surface of his pieces. Today, he works alongside his sons and son-in-law, creating beautiful ceramics in their northern Wisconsin studio.