Glimmering Gemstone Drop Earrings

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Our Pennsylvania artisan creates each pair of glimmering gemstone drop earrings uno alla volta in her studio. A true master of her craft, this artisan spent two years as an apprentice to a master jewelry maker in Colorado before creating her own stunning pieces. These earrings feature ruby, sapphire, apatite, and tourmaline, all set in 14k gold-filled sterling silver. Each earring measures 2 inches long with a wire back. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Laura fell in love with jewelry design instantaneously while apprenticing for a local jeweler. She quickly discovered her natural ability to create one-of-a-kind, wearable works of art. Today, she handcrafts expressive pieces from natural gemstones to showcase the uniqueness of each wearer.