Filippo and Claudia's Blue and Purple Florentine Suede Bag

When Terri arrived at Filippo and Claudia's Florentine leather studio, she spotted a gorgeous multi-colored everyday suede bag that she, on impulse, needed to touch. For Uno Alla Volta's customers, Claudia used a vibrant color-block of amethyst and sapphire suede, two of our customer's favorites! The accessibility and comfort alongside with the stylish look and luxury feel is what makes this the ultimate everyday purse. The soft sided Florentine suede bag measures approximately 17 inches by 15 inches, with magnetic closure, and a 14 inch shoulder strap. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of artisans.
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Claudia & Filippo

After 14 years as a leather cutter in Florence, Vittorio left his job to start crafting his own handbags of the finest Tuscan cowhide. In time, his children, Claudia and Filippo, each joined him in the workshop, infusing new vibrancy and contemporary style into the designs that are still meticulously handcrafted, uno alla volta.