Everlasting Yellow Murano Rose

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Spring will come early year after year with this colorful yellow rose of Murano glass. Our master artisans of Murano, Italy lampwork each rose petal one at a time over a small flame, and then finish with a silk stem and glass leaves. For centuries, yellow roses have symbolized joy and friendship. Each glass rose is handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of artisans. No two will be exactly alike, colors and shape may vary. Each yellow rose measures 12 inches long.
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In their workshop on Venice's isle of Murano, husband and wife team Francesco and Roberta create whimsical works of art, first heating clear glass, then adding colored pieces of molten glass. When the glass melts, they mouth-blow and hand-shape it into charming collectible figures, forever flowers, and unique jewelry.