Erica's ''Sea Glass'' Necklace

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By crushing glass bottles and tumbling the pieces in a special sand and salt solution, Erica creates the ''sea glass'' for this summery necklace. As daughter of the master artisans who create our glass nightlights, Erica was able to learn all the tricks of the trade from her skilled parents. Each necklace measures 20.5 inches long, with a hook clasp. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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Gray Family

After years of working with aerosol cans, bubble wrap, and toxic glazes, Vawn and Mike of Florida decided to take a turn in their artistic career and search for a more eco-friendly way to create art. They began focusing on the idea of “re-creating,” and working with materials which already served their purpose. It wasn’t long before they realized the possibilities of using discarded glass bottles as a medium, and their signature line of mosaic-style nightlights was born.

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