Elizabeth's Silk Splendor Scarf

On a speeding train from Amsterdam to the city of Groningen, our artisan Elizabeth found her inspiration for this silk scarf in the Dutch sky streaked with cirrus clouds. She first designs the beauty of the sky on paper, and then works with a master printer who captures the colorful details onto each 100% silk scarf through the modern techniques of digital printing. This fabulous scarf is truly wearable art, the perfect accessory for any ensemble in need of a pop of color! Each scarf measures approximately 9.5 inches by 58 inches, no two are alike; dry clean. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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After losing her favorite scarf, our New York City artisan did what any budding artist would do—she designed and hand-printed a replacement. Now Elizabeth designs each new scarf and wrap in her sunny Garment District loft studio, then collaborates with artisans in India to bring her creations to life in sumptuous fabrics with graceful embellishments.

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