Dove Of The Holy Spirit

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The Lazzari family of Umbria uses authentic materials, colors and finishes to recreate this fresco-style ''Dove Of The Holy Spirit'' art piece from a painting by 13th century artist, Andrea del Verrochio and his apprentice Leonardo da Vinci. After mixing mortar according to a 15th century formula, the Lazzaris transfer the image onto the still-wet mortar so that the pigments are incorporated into the surface in a technique known as pictography. Each is presented in a beautiful box with a certificate of origin, guaranteeing the workmanship and materials. Each piece measures 2.75 inches square and comes with a stand and hook for hanging. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the hearts and hands of the artisans.
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Lazzari Family

Decades of research and experimentation allow the Lazzari family of Italy to reproduce images from classic works of art onto stone in the pictography technique, similar to the style of traditional Renaissance frescoes. Images are transferred while the mortar is still wet so that the pigments become permanently incorporated, then finished by hand.