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''Cigni Nella Quiete'' Wooden Intarsia Wall Art

Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of his home in Italy, Antonino handcrafts each ''Cigni Nella Quiete'' intarsia from tiny, hand-carved segments of wood, which are then pieced together to create the final design. The entire piece is coated multiple times with a glistening lacquer. This signed wooden treasure, with a name that translates to ‘'Swans In Quiet Nature,'' is intended to be passed from generation to generation. Handcrafted exclusively for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan. Dimensions - 9'' x 7'', with a hook for hanging.
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Our artisan, Antonino, first learned his craft from his uncle Vincenzo, more than 40 years ago. He spent many years as an apprentice learning the secrets of his trade, and mastering its techniques before gaining admission in 1979 to the Italian Chartered Institute of Artisans. Today, Antonino brings patience, passion and imagination to his beautiful works, crafted of a variety of woods: beech, rosewood, horse chestnut, orange, maple, lemon and ebony. He is forever inspired by his love of nature and animals, his beloved home town of Sorrento and its stunning views, its colorful alleyways and the romantic and fragrant lemon gardens.

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