Cherry Blossoms Hand-Blown Glass Vase

Paul Raymond, our Georgia glass artisan, hand-blows each one-of-a-kind Cherry Blossom vase in his family's studio. Paul, who started glass blowing at the age of 13, draws inspiration from nature and classical art; this is evident in the layers of richly-colored opaque and translucent black, white, gold, blue, and green molten glass which he pulls, twists, rolls and spins to create patterns reminiscent of flowering cherry blossoms. Paul draws inspiration from nature and classical art to create his mesmerizing vases. This gorgeous Cherry Blossoms hand-blown vase has Paul's mastery embodied in it, which shows in the combination of colors and design, making it unique to any other vase. Adding this vase to your home decorates it not only with a marvelous aesthetic, but with a growing family tradition that can't be found anywhere else. No two will be exactly alike. Each Cherry Blossom vase measures approximately 3.5 inches in diameter by 6 inches tall.
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John & Bonnie

Our artisans in a seaside village in Nova Scotia begin each whimsical piece as a sketch which is then sculpted in clay. The sculpture is used to make a mold from which each item is cast in lead-free pewter, before being finished and polished entirely by hand. Each year, they devote ten percent of their profits to charitable causes.

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