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Cherry Blossom Ceramic Vase Of Tuscany

For this cherry blosom ceramic vase, our Tuscan artisan, a third-generation ceramist, learned the fine art of handcrafting beautiful ceramic ware at the side of her Italian grandfather. For each ceramic vase she hand shapes the pure white bisque form, applies rich glazes, and embellishes each with their leafy and floral motifs. No two will ever be alike. Signed by the artisan. Approx. 6.5in. high. Limited edition of 140. Exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.
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The first time Chiara scored a piece of glass and it broke exactly the way she wanted it to, she was hooked on working with this versatile medium. She delights in working with glass of different textures and hues as she handcrafts sculptures inspired by the natural world - specifically her experiences underwater diving.