Carole's ''Lynda'' Floral Sun Hat

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Our milliner Carole and her team of artisans handcraft each ''Lynda'' floral sun hat in her Hudson River Valley studio. To create each hat, the packable straw base is pressed and shaped onto a heated mold, then adorned with grosgrain ribbon and assorted flowers. Each hat has a 22.5 inch inner circumference and a 4 inch brim. Handcrafted for Uno Alla Volta, from the heart and hands of the artisan.
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In her quaint workshop, tucked in between the winding village streets in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Carole, our milliner, designs each of our show-stopping hats. Following her creative combinations of shape, color, and texture, her team of highly skilled, specialized artisans handcraft each hat, uno alla volta. First, each base is formed on a heated mold, trimmed, and hemmed, before cooling and it is sent off to the decorating team for a final touch of old-world, artisanal magic.

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