Black & White Hand-Marbled Silk Scarf with Clip

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Black and white colors swirl together in a rich marbleized pattern. Lucille, our Connecticut artist, begins by placing drops of specialized pigments on a surface of thickened water that she combs into a dramatic marble pattern. She then places a treated scarf of 100% silk on the surface until the design is absorbed. A matching silk-covered clip and scarf tying instructions are included. Handwashable. 11'' x 60''.
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Just up the road from our office, Lucille can be found in her kitchen transforming white silk into one-of-a-kind marbleized works of art. She combs colorful drops of paint that float atop a bath containing a special solution. Once the pattern is perfected, she meticulously stretches her luxurious canvas of silk into the solvent, transferring and preserving the complex designs.

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