Polish Pottery Bella Floral Bird Figurine

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In Brzeg, Poland, Ewa and her team shape each bird figurine from their native clay before using carved sponges and fine brushwork to adorn it with a vibrant collection of blooming blue and red flowers. Each is then glazed and high-fired for everlasting beauty. Exclusive to Uno Alla Volta. Approx 3'' x 2'' x 3''.
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Arek & Ewa

Ewa grew up in Boleslawiec, Poland – a city that is famous throughout the world for its stunning hand-painted pottery. Throughout her childhood, she enjoyed strolling through the city streets and admiring the various pottery shops, often spending her pocket change on the pieces she coveted most. When a local shop was seeking new talent, Ewa decided to take the leap and apply. She ended up passing the exam, and landed herself a job as a painter. For two years, she developed her painting and design skills; However, it wasn't long until she met her husband, Arek, and moved to the city of Brzeg. Despite the move, Ewa's passion for creating pottery only grew, and her and Arek soon considered the idea of trying something bigger. In 2004, they founded their own Polish Pottery company, renting a small warehouse and investing in a professional stove. Since then, their company has only continued to grow, and Ewa’s signature designs have gained them a worldwide following.

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