Terri answers a few common questions

Thank you for the many letters you write to me. I love learning about you I love hearing about how you believe that taking things uno alla volta (one at a time) speaks to you in your life. And, I love the many questions you have about our company, the lives of our artisans, and your curiosity about my own personal journey.
I have attempted to provide a few answers.

Do you sell American-made works?
YES! Approximately half of our treasures are handcrafted right here by artisans in the good 'ole U.S. of A. Many have come to this purposeful work as a second, or even third career. In some cases a hobby grew and blossomed and it became "time to quit the day job." In other cases, our artisans found "the silver lining" in the cloud of corporate downsizing. Given the opportunity to reinvent themselves, they have found joy they didn't know was possible.

Why is your company's name Italian?
It sounded pretty. I wanted our name to mean "one at a time." Making that our name in English sounded … well, too juvenile.
My only regret is that I named the company in the masculine. So many of you refer to us as Una Alla Volta, which sounds even prettier.

Are you yourself an artist?
Certainly not in a traditional sense. I admire our artisans greatly and could never create the types of works they do. My art comes in bringing together the collaboration of so many. It is a different kind of creative process, but is so very fulfilling.

What did you study? How did you start your career?
Learning is for a lifetime and I am always studying. I love to learn from everyone around me. In fact, I ask every job applicant what they have to teach me!

Oh you meant what did I major in college? Physics actually. Strange, I know. My classmates thought so too. In all my years at Brown University (early 1980s) I never knew another woman majoring in Physics. But it is great training for the mind and I've always believed that science is a key component of liberal arts. My interests in college ran the gamut as they do today and I savored disciplines from architectural history to cognitive science, from philosophy to aviation.

Following my graduation from college, I worked on Wall Street developing financial software. I learned a lot by just being thrown into the deep end and having to figure things out.

How did this company come into being?
How much time do you have?

What's your entrepreneurial story?
Again, how much time do you have?

Want to learn more about my thoughts on how to live a handcrafted life?
Check out my blog, Artisan Moments.


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