Cufflinks – Silver Cuff Links from Uno Alla Volta  
Cufflinks - Silver Cuff Links from Uno Alla Volta
Cufflinks have served as a sign of elegance and fashion for hundreds of years. These decorative fasteners are made from a wide variety of materials, the most common being precious and non-precious metals. As they are a decorative piece, they can be accented with gemstones, diamonds, pearls and more. Some cufflinks are representative of the wearer’s hobbies, culture, or social status, while others simply add a touch of style.

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During the thirteenth century, long before the cufflink, tailors used buttons for the sole purpose of decorating clothing. During the 1500’s small ruffles, the precursor to cuffs, began appearing on fashionable men’s clothing. As the cuffs evolved, men would use ribbons and lace to keep the sleeves of their dress shirts closed.

In the 1600’s, men desired something other than ties or ribbons for their shirts to display elegance. Eventually this led to the creation of buttons as a fastening tool. Two decorated buttons attached to one another with a chain became a fashion trend for the European upper-class. The decorated buttons were soon replaced by precious metals, which could also be set with precious gems. These “sleeve buttons” kept their popularity, but changed their name. The first known record of their name change to “cufflinks” occurred in 1788.

In the 1800’s, people of varying classes started adorning their more casual wear with the trendy cufflinks. The increased popularity created a market for cufflinks at a lower price, making them more affordable for the middle-class.

Cufflinks are meant to be worn with French cuffed shirts, which have buttonholes on both sides of the cuff, and are designed to link the ends of the cuffs to one another. There are two ways to wear the cuffs of these shirts. The first, and generally preferred way, is to pinch the ends together or “kiss” the cuffs. The other way is referred to as “barrel style,” which entails overlapping one end over the other. The larger and usually more elaborate side of the cufflink is intended to face away from the wearer so that it is most visible to onlookers.

In the mid-twentieth century, cufflinks gained popularity in female fashion, and more casual button-down shirts became preferable as the prominence of cufflinks in elegant attire diminished. In the late 1980’s the accessory was revived due to the preferences of young professionals who wished to distinguish themselves by dressing more formally. Cufflinks are back, and their significance is still very similar to what it was hundreds of years ago. Cufflinks are for the gentleman or lady who wishes to accessorize through professional and more elegant means than business casual.

An elegant accessory to any outfit, artisan handcrafted cufflinks from Uno Alla Volta truly do make the man or woman. Handmade one at a time, each pair is meticulously crafted from a wide variety of materials including British sterling silver, gemstones, jeweler's enamel, and Swarovski crystal. Add a touch of whimsy with our specialty cufflinks featuring sailing, racing, and art deco motifs. Each is a memorable, lasting gift for that special someone in your life.

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