Meet Our Artisan - Smadar
Meet Our Artisan - Daria

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Creating Luck

Here at Uno Alla Volta, we are in the business of creation.


We create with our artisans beautiful designs that bring joy to so many. We create with our employees many wonderful opportunities for personal and professional growth. And, it is my hope, we create with you many warm and memorable experiences.

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Handmade Cat Wreath Raspberry Suede Bucket Bag Capodimonte Porcelain Blooming Iris Meet Our Artisan - Daria


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Our products are handcrafted, uno alla volta, by skilled artisans who infuse each work of their hands with a bit of their spirit. No two items will ever be exactly alike.
Limited Edition Limited Edition
No more than a certain number of these unique and collectable items will ever be made.
Gift Wrap Gift Packaging
All jewelry items will be presented in our signature gift packaging, free of charge.
Certificate of Authenticity Certificate of Authenticity
Each artisan-crafted treasure is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that may be personalized for the recipient.
Uno Alla Volta Exclusive Uno Alla Volta Exclusive
These items are lovingly handcrafted by our artisans exclusively for Uno Alla Volta.
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"Your complete satisfaction is my number one priority."

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Terri S. Alpert, Founder and CEO



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